From soil preparation through to delivery

The kale Q’SAI uses as the raw material for our aojiru flourishes in healthy soil completely free from agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers. Aojiru-kun explains how our aojiru is lovingly made and delivered to our customers.

How we grow kale

1.Soil Preparation

2.Growing Seedlings

The Seedling Center takes care of growing our kale from seed through to planting in the field.


Our kale has finally reached the fields, where it is lovingly grown.

4.Residual Agrichemicals Testing

We carry out thorough checks, including the possibility of residual agrichemicals from neighbouring fields.


We check the condition of the leaves before harvesting.Kale is taken to our factory at the perfect time for picking.

How we make aojiru

6.We sort our kale and then wash it in water.

We sort our kale once again in our factory and then wash it clean with water.

Frozen type

7.Chopping and Pressing

We use the Low-Oxygen Fresh and Clear Manufacturing Method to achieve a fresh flavor.

Powder type


We use unique manufacturing methods to retain a fresh color.

Frozen type

8.Rapid-freezingAround -40℃

We use rapid-freezing at around -40°C to retain a “just-picked” freshness.

Powder type

8. Frost shattering and granulationAround -196℃

We process our aojiru into a powder product that is easy to absorb and easy to dissolve.

9.Quality Checks

We work hard to ensure safety by carrying out repeated checks.

Our aojiru is ready!

Delivery to the Customer.

Call Center

Q’SAI’s “store” is a call center where we can talk directly to our customers.

10.Shipment and Delivery

Bringing health and happiness to our customers. We deliver rapidly and reliably to our customers with this goal firmly in mind.