Quality Control System

In order to supply their customers with safe, reliable and high quality products and services, companies need to keep a careful watch on a variety of different check items.

Q’SAI has built a system that allows each department to guarantee quality from development through to sales based on our Quality Control System. The company as a whole is operated in accordance with a work flow that has received ISO9001 accreditation.
In the event that a problem arises with a product or service, we promptly investigate the causes and implement corrective measures to address the problem, and share this information across the company. We have formed a Quality Control Committee which reports monthly to the management team on any opinions received from customers and any ideas from the employees. The committee investigates responses and countermeasures, and these are implemented at each department alongside improvements.
Q’SAI’s Quality Control System continues to pursue these measures with the goal of increasing the quality of products and services supplied to our valued customers.

Q’SAI Quality Control System