At Q’SAI Group, every employee shall maintain awareness that we are members of society and carry out corporate activities in a way that upholds high ethical standards and the law.

Compliance Policy

  • We, the employees of Q’SAI Group shall respect a society founded in law and ethics, prioritize compliance with laws and social rules, and aim to realize the corporate philosophy through highly ethical corporate activities.

    Satoshi Kambe, Representative Director&President of Q’SAI CO., LTD.

    1. Fulfil our social responsibilities and public mission as a Q’SAI Group employee;

    2. Promise customers to provide high quality and safe products and services;

    3. Uphold social expectations based on the law and high ethical standards;

    4. Observe all laws and company rules required for work purposes and work daily to improve your knowledge of laws and company rules;

    5. Refuse all relationships, including trading relationships, with anti-social forces and strongly refuse all improper demands made by anti-social forces. Moreover, our organization shall handle such improper demands as a united organization and ensure the safety of responsible employees;

    6. Value good communication with society;

    7. Never “turn a blind eye”.

  • Compliance Declaration for Q’SAI Group Employees

    First of all, Go back to basics and think again before we act.

    1. Does this violate laws or company rules?

    2. Does this violate commonly accepted ethical or social expectations?

    3. Have we made our judgement based on society’s expectations and not our own personal expectations or the company’s expectations?

    When we are unsure, always consult our supervisors or colleagues.

    If we are unable to consult anyone, always use the consultation system set up within the company.

    Always report when we see someone else violating laws or rules.

    Employees of Q’SAI Group