Satoshi Kambe, Representative Director&President of Q’SAI CO., LTD.

Our Kale Aojiru product has been helping people attain a healthy lifestyle for the past 35 years, ever since it was first created and sold in 1982. Our commitment of being directly involved in all aspects of the creation process of Aojiru, from planting the seeds and overseeing the fields to the manufacture and sale of the final product is the basic concept of manufacturing in Q’SAI group. Guided by the principle of “honesty and reliability,” we have expanded the scope of our products and services over the years, developing skin-care products in addition to health foods, offering products online as well as through retailers and agencies, and performing area analysis in addition to manufacturing and sales.

Going forward, we will redouble our efforts to improve the quality of our products and services and prioritize our customers’ health and happiness, all while remaining faithful to the commitment to manufacturing. We will also strive to help future generations as well as the elderly lead healthy and peaceful lives, so that we may one day realize a world in which everyone can live long lives full of smiles. Through constant effort and improvement, we will offer new value to our customers and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Q’SAI Group pledges to continue satisfying its many loyal customers by devoting itself to the development and improvement of its products and services. In doing so, we hope to contribute to society and provide high-quality products while remaining committed to the principles of honesty and reliability.

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