Corporate Philosophy of Q’SAI Group


Deliver happy,refreshing moments to everyone in the community,every day.

Corporate Identity


We help build and support sustainable communities, foster strong connections with them, and help protect the environment,Creating Shared Value.


We focus on all our consumers and customers to become their trusted partner

Hinkaku(Corporate Dignity)

We respect human rights, honor community principles, and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.


We respect the individuality of our employees, actively incorporating diverse values and ideas so all can achieve their full potential.


  1. 1.Build on our HERITAGE as we shape our FUTURE.
  2. 2.Fuel life and work with commitment and PASSION.
  3. 3.Base judgments on ETHICS.
  4. 4.Think independently, take RESPONSIBILITY.
  5. 5.Enjoy life and welcome CHALLENGE.
  6. 6.Act with RESPECT, inspire RESPECT.
  7. 7.Value COOPERATION.
  8. 8.Pursue 'SIMPLEANDSPEEDY' solutions.