R&D Initiatives

A philosophy of “only delivering clearly effective products”

Q’SAI has three policies related to product development.

Products must be safe and reliable/Products must be clearly effective/Products must be able to resolve compelling problems

Q’SAI works hard every day to develop products that satisfy these three conditions with the aim of contributing to the health and happiness of our customers. We have not wavered from this desire since our establishment.

Our products are used by our customers every day and this is all the more reason to accept no compromise on safety. Safety checks begin at the stage of selecting raw materials, and thorough checks are made for a variety of processes, including samples and monitoring, through to the production process.

What’s more, we repeatedly create prototype samples and only supply our customers with products that we are satisfied with, based on a philosophy of only releasing products that we are confident display “clear effectiveness”.

Three sections working as a united team to carry out high quality and safe product development

Q’SAI development system
Planning Section
Development Section
Research Section

Planning Section

Providing products that our customers really want

The Planning Section carries out market surveys and plans new products.
We investigate and analyse what our customers want from our products using systematic questionnaires of customer opinions and by holding individual interviews, etc.

We look closely at our customers’ needs and try to plan the products that they really want.

Development Section

The pursuit of quality is what creates effective products.

The Development Section works to develop new products and improve existing products with the aim of resolving a range of different problems faced by our customers. We make repeated minor adjustments up until commercialization and will not allow the slightest deviation in accuracy regarding blending, water content and temperature. In the case of new products, we adopt the customer’s perspective and verify how easy the product is to use from its packaging, and focus on the extent to which the product is clearly effective.

Moreover, improvements to the manufacturing process are also an essential element to improving product quality. For example, for the granulation process that makes it easier to dissolve Kale Aojiru (powder type) into water, we developed technology that allows binding to occur using water alone and no superfluous additives. In the manufacturing process for Kale Aojiru (frozen type), in order to prevent oxidation as far as possible we developed the Low-Oxygen Fresh and Clear Manufacturing Method, through which we create a low-oxygen environment by shutting out external air during pressing of the kale and thereby maintain freshness.

We continuously strive to pursue quality from the dual perspectives of “product development” and “manufacturing process technology development” with the aim of developing products that can contribute to health and happiness in the daily lives of our customers.

Research Section

Products based on scientific evidence

In order to provide our customers with a clear sense of effectiveness and allow them to use our products daily with peace of mind, we carry out repeated and thorough investigations and supply products based on scientific evidence. This goal is what drives us to confirm safety and carry out research into efficacy and effectiveness.

In order to deliver products that use original materials in a way that is befitting of Q’SAI, we investigate new raw materials and carry out research into ingredients development. Kale, as the raw material for aojiru, contains a remarkably high volume of nutrients, and for this reason we promote research with a focus on specific nutrients.

The Research Section carries out research into the cultivation of high quality and highly nutritious kale, based on a foundation of using no agrichemicals and no chemical fertilizers.