Q’SAI Kale Aojiru:Our Kale Aojiru uses kale that has been lovingly and carefully grown in Japan, without using any agrichemicals or chemical fertilizers.

More than 30 years of making Kale Aojiru

Q’SAI’s starting point is a single seed

More than thirty years have passed since Q’SAI first began manufacturing and selling kale aojiru. The history of Q’SAI Kale Aojiru began when our founder gained a keen understanding of the importance of aojiru for health and decided to create a product with the goal of promoting the health of as many people as possible.

After receiving the seeds of our raw material kale from Dr. Jiro Endo (an advocate of the Aojiru Health Method), our founder made the following promise:

“People drink our product for their health, so if we’re going to sell it to them we will not include any unnecessary additives.”

Ever since, Q’SAI has continued to make aojiru using for our raw material kale that has been cultivated without agrichemicals or chemical fertilizers. This philosophy has been passed on to our other products as the Q’SAI philosophy.

Focus on Q’SAI kale aojiru

An integrated process from research and development through to manufacture and sale.

Q’SAI Group pursues an integrated process from selection of the kale seed and soil preparation through to harvesting, processing in our factory, analysis of residual agrichemicals and sale to the customer, so that you can enjoy our kale aojiru with peace of mind every day. Q’SAI is proud of our attention to detail.

Cultivation and harvesting/Manufacturing and processing/Agrichemical analysis/Sales and delivery

From preparing the soil through to delivery

How is aojiru made?
Our mascot Aojiru-kun explains.

We make sure that our kale is 100% grown-in-Japan.

Since we first launched aojiru sales in 1982, we have made sure that our aojiru is made using only kale that has been grown in Japan.

For our aojiru raw materials we use only kale that has been grown in Japan and passed strict quality standards from the seed production stage, based on our thorough internal management systems.

Kale is a vegetable that is characterized by its variation in flavor and color depending on the region of production and the season. The aojiru we deliver to you may differ in color or taste depending on the season, but this is proof that we do not include unnecessary additives and the product is natural.

Kale Picture Guide

What kind of vegetable is kale?
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We use no agrichemicals or chemical fertilizer whatsoever.

Ever since we first started making aojiru, Q’SAI has upheld the following policy: “Our customers drink our product every day so we will not use any agrichemicals whatsoever.”Our raw ingredient kale is cultivated entirely at Q’SAI Group farms and by contracted farmers using no agrichemicals whatsoever. What’s more, at our Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare-registered testing institution QSAI Analysis and Research Center, we carry out strict inspections on residual agrichemicals from neighbouring fields and deliver only products that have been confirmed as safe to our customers.

Focus on Quality

Our focus on quality accepts no compromise

MANUFACTURING STORY:The story how Aojiru (powder type) was born - Driving forward into new sales channels -

Q’SAI Kale Aojiru

  • This is our long-selling product made by pressing freshly-picked kale and rapid-freezing.

  • This aojiru is a room temperature-type product that dissolves easily and allows you to supplement your vegetable intake when it suits you.

  • This aojiru has an excellent reputation for being easy to drink for aojiru newcomers thanks to its slight sweetness.

Product Line-up