Kale, Aojiru

Q'SAI connection to kale goes
back more than thirty years.
Suffering from ill health at the time,
Q'SAI’s founder experienced the power

of Kale Aojiru firsthand and began
production with the aim of delivering
its benefits to many people.

To create products customers
can depend on,
Q'SAI is committed to rigorous

controls and does not use any
chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Production story

— Turning customer
needs into products —

By popular demand - powdered Aojiru

Having focused on frozen Aojiru since
its launch in 1982, Q'SAI released a powdered
version in December 2012.
Around this time, our ‘Mazui.
Mou ippai!’ (Tastes bad, give me more!)
TV commercials had become
a living room sensation,
and the Aojiru market expanded throughout Japan.
As frozen Aojiru recorded booming sales,
Q'SAI was certainly apprehensive about
starting production on a new powdered Aojiru.

However, a growing number of
customers called for a product that was
easy to drink in any situation.
Lifestyles also changed along with the times,
and demand for online shopping grew;
powdered Aojiru, which could be
transported at room temperature, became indispensable.

A focus on quality,
passed down from our founders

Dispelling production staff concerns
about how products would be received,
no sooner had they launched
than orders flooded in from around the country,
putting the pressure on our manufacturing.
Aiming to speed up production,
we established facilities
to achieve integrated
manufacturing within the company.
With a mission to deliver safe,
reliable products to customers and assume responsibility
from start to finish, product development
staff at the time frequently visited farms and
factories in pursuit of greater quality powdered Aojiru.
During these visits,
staff repeatedly clarified the concepts
of quality, safety and how these can be improved.

They also brought together information
managed by various divisions,  
including manufacturing,
inspection, and customer feedback.
Sharing such information across departments
spurred vibrant discussions within the company,
leading to the creation of Q'SAI’s proprietary
techniques–frost shattering, mild powder, 
and ultra-fine granule production methods.
The several years required to truly get powdered
Aojiru manufacturing on track can be
seen as a great opportunity for Q'SAI staff
to once again consider product quality.

Kale Aojiru continues to evolve

Seeking to deliver healthy products
that are easier to drink regularly, Aojiru has
evolved repeatedly by incorporating customer
feedback in order to refine techniques and
improve services.

In 2008, we released ‘Hachimitsu Aojiru’
(hachimitsu: honey), with a superior flavor
for easier drinking.
In 2012, the 30th anniversary of
Aojiru’s launch, we change our product’s
name to ‘Kale Aojiru (powdered type)’
in order to broadly convey the value of
kale, its base ingredient.
Even now, we continue to research
the potential of kale and release
limited-edition products that utilize
its characteristics.
In recent times, the popularity of Kale Aojiru, a standard health food that makes up for an insufficient intake of vegetables, has grown significantly, and it is now being widely consumed.

A shift from the “Aojiru business” to the “Kale business”

As per our original intention, we aim to focus on conveying the “benefits of Kale” rather than “Aojiru.” Therefore, in January 2020, we decided to make a shift from the “Aojiru business” to the “Kale business,” with the intention of delivering not only an Aojiru beverage but also focusing on the benefits of introducing kale into people’s daily routines in various ways, such as eating it and applying it to their skin.
Accordingly, our brand name has changed from “Kale Aojiru” to “THE KALE.”

To assist you with creating a flexible life, we will continue to explore all the possibilities of kale and pass on its benefits to each of you.