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Our cola-rich series of basic cosmetic products was created to fulfill the desire to maintain youth and beauty with ease. We have come up with a complete line-up that also caters to concerns such as age and seasonal changes.

Production story

- Turning customer needs into products -

Our approach to
developing cosmetics

Our Super All-in-One Beauty Gel Cream (known as cola-rich) was launched in March 2009.
This was the beginning of the collagen series of products which served as the foundation of Q’SAI’s skincare industry. Initially, many people raised doubts - why was a health food company like Q’SAI releasing cosmetics? Indeed, there seems to be little connection at first glance. However, our desire is to deliver items that contribute to a ‘happiness cycle’ - improve health with Aojiru, put the spring back in your step with Hyaluronic Acid Collagen (currently known as ‘Hiza Support Collagen’ (hiza: knee)), enjoy going out and meeting people while looking young and beautiful with cola-rich.


Bringing expertise and
techniques cultivated through
health food to cosmetics

The advantage of cola-rich is that it combines the functions of lotion, emulsion, beauty essence and cream into one product. Our goal is to create something that customers want, and are happy to use. Although processing the ingredients into a gel was difficult and required great effort, we insisted on doing so in order to allow the moisturizing ingredient collagen to soak completely into the skin. Similarly, enclosing vitamin E in small yellow capsules took intricate ingenuity, part of our efforts to create products that offer users enjoyment and a sense of excitement.


Becoming a brand backed by
various age groups

The reaction to cola-rich exceeded expectations, with strong sales requiring additional production soon after launch. Since then, we have brought out a growing range of skincare products that have gained popularity from users of all ages, including cleansing, soap, a liquid foundation that doesn’t require primer, beauty essence, BB cream, as well as cola-rich EX and cola-rich Aqua, which are effective against seasonal skin troubles. In addition to our established healthcare products, we have also expanded our business into skincare with the new cola-rich series brand.


additive-free soap series
additive-free soap series

additive-free soap series

Q’SAI’s additive-free soap series is carefully crafted using select ingredients, with no artificial fragrances, colors, antioxidants (edetate) or preservatives. These products are gentle on the environment and people, and can even be used worry-free by those with sensitive skin. In addition to bar soap, we have also developed liquid, laundry and kitchen soaps, long-selling products that continue to evolve with customer feedback.


Medicinal hair tonic

A medicinal hair tonic recommended for those concerned about thinning, hair loss or lack of volume, assisting the growth of lush, beautiful hair on a healthy scalp. Contains our specialized compounds for lush hair.

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