HISTORYThe History of Q'SAI


Q’SAI’s unchanged founding spirit

The history of Q’SAI begins in 1965, when it was established as a confectionery company. Q’SAI’s founder continued to actively expand the company’s operations, including contracts to manufacture frozen foods. In 1978, suddenly assailed by ill health while pursuing the company’s expansion, our founder encountered the health benefits of Aojiru. Experiencing the power of Kale Aojiru for himself, he felt an urge to ‘share this with more people’ and met Dr. Niro Endo, an advocate of the benefits of Aojiru. Along with his wish ‘to make Aojiru without any superfluous ingredients, as a dependable drink for better health,’ the founder received kale seeds and began producing and selling Kale Aojiru.
Since then, Q’SAI has produced Aojiru from kale grown without agrochemicals. That policy has since been shared in the development of their other healthcare and skincare businesses as well.

The History of Q'SAI