HISTORYThe History of Q'SAI


Q’SAI’s unchanged founding spirit

The history of Q’SAI begins in 1965, when it was established as a confectionery company. Q’SAI’s founder continued to actively expand the company’s operations, including contracts to manufacture frozen foods. In 1978, suddenly assailed by ill health while pursuing the company’s expansion, our founder encountered the health benefits of Aojiru. Experiencing the powder of Kale Aojiru for himself, he felt an urge to ‘share this with more people’ and met Dr. Niro Endo, an advocate of the benefits of Aojiru, who gave him some kale seeds. Dr. Niro taught him that because Aojiru is a health drink, it is imperative to carefully select ingredients and to ensure safety and peace of mind. After this, he began producing and selling Kale Aojiru.
Since then, Q’SAI has produced Aojiru from kale grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. That policy has since been shared in the development of their other healthcare and skincare businesses as well.

The History of Q'SAI

  • Founded as a cnfectionery company.

  • Started manufacturing frozen foods as a cotracting company of Nichirei Coroiration.

  • Started manufacturing and seling the frozen-squeezed kale,"Q'SAI Aojiru" made from kale.
    Q'SAI Aojiru

  • Started running a TV commercial for advertising Q'SAI Aojiru.

  • Changed the trade name to Q'SAI CO., LTD.

  • Opened Q'SAI Central R&D Institute.

  • Established Q'SAI FARM SHIMANE Ltd.
    (currently Q'SAI FARM SHIMANE Co., Ltd.)
    Q'SAI Aojiru Q'SAI Aojiru

  • Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Fukuoka Stock Exchange.

  • Aojiru Division (at the time) acquired the international standard for quality control,ISO 9001:2000.

  • Released the kale powder,"Funmatsu Aojiru" and started mail-order service on a full scale.
    Q'SAI Aojiru

  • Established an anakytical specializing institute in analysis of residual agrichemicals,Q'SAI Analysis and Research Center Co.,Ltd.
    QSAI Analysis and Research Center Co.,Ltd. QSAI Analysis and Research Center Co.,Ltd.

  • Q'SAI Analysis and Research Center Co., Ltd. was approved as the first Health,Labour and Welfare Ministry certified inspection institute among private institutes sponsored by a food company.

    Released "Hyaluronic Acid Collagen".
    Hyaluronic Acid Collagen

  • TOB (takeover bid) of Q'SAI toward MBO (management buyout by the management and a fund) completed.

  • Renewed "Hyaluronic Acid Collagen" by adding chondroitin as a new ingredient.

    Delisted from the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Fukuoka Stock Exchange.

  • Adopted the low-oxygen process for preserving freshness and renewed the frozen-squeezed kale,"Q'SAI Aojiru".
    QSAI Aojiru

  • Established a new factory (Fukuoka Konominato Factory) in Fukuoka.
    Fukuoka Konominato Fctory Fukuoka Konominato Fctory

  • Released the honey-mixed kale powder,"Hachimitsu Aojiru".
    Hachimitsu Aojiru

  • Released "cola-rich:Super All-in-one Beauty Gel Cream".

  • Fukuoka Konominato Factory acquired the certification of compliance with GMP for dietary supplements.*GMP(Good Mnufacturing Practice)

  • Became a subsidiary of COCA-COLA WEST COMPANY,LIMITED.(now Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.) due to acquisition of all share of Q'SAI CO., COCA-COLA WEST COMPANY,LIMITED.

  • Attained the Privacy Mark certification.

  • Released "Glucosamine Z".
    Glucosamine Z

  • Changed the product name of the "Aojiru series" to "Q'SAI Kale Aojiru".in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Kale Aojiru.
    QSAI Kale Aojiru

  • Relesed "cola-rich:Super All-in-one Beauty Gel Cream Extra Rich EX".

  • The 50th anniversary of Q'SAI.

    Relesed Foods with Function Claims "Hiza support Collagen".
    Hiza support Collagen

  • "Enjoy Walking Till 100 Years and Beyond" project launched.
    Enjoy Wlking Till 100 Years and Beyond project

  • Fukuoka Konominato Factory acquired the international standard for
    industrial safety and health, OHASAS18001 : 2007.